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Melrose Corporation

 We personalize our services with one goal in mind: to help you achieve excellence.

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Over 27 Years of Excellence

Founded in 1992, Melrose provides professional on-site and portfolio management in some of Florida's most desirable neighborhoods. We pride ourselves on having solid insight into the needs and concerns of each individual account we serve.

Board Services

Our dedication to efficient and open communication with our clients is evident through our personalized approach to Board relations. We act as your professional liaison for all Homeowner and community related matters.

Vibrant & Healthy Lifestyles

Our Lifestyle division is able to augment your efforts to implement exciting events and activities for the community's residents. We are committed to strengthening community bonds by providing supplemental Lifestyle services.

What Our Lifestyle Services Offer

Lifestyle Programming

Our vast array of services will add to the desirability of your community. We offer a complete selection of events & activities — from Wine Tastings, Holiday Events, and Senior Olympics to Bike Club and Book Club.

 A Tailored Approach Created For You

Through a collaborative effort, we have the ability to scale our services to meet your budgetary needs and to tailor the programming to meet the needs of the community throughout the entire year.

Creating a Sense of Community

Our flexible services combined with the skills of our dedicated Lifestyle Managers allow us to implement programs that encourage participation amongst your residents and your community as a whole.

What We Offer

Board Resources

We work with Board of Directors in all aspects of lifestyle and amenity management. Our lifestyle managers, and furthermore the rest of our Lifestyles team, act as the facilitator in helping the community sustain a high level of value. We professionally coordinate with the Board of Directors to provide advice and recommendations to help the Trilogy Orlando community thrive.

Our Executive Team

Teamwork is vital to our company’s success.  Our executive team is comprised of professionals with a combination of experiences and a vast array of strengths that work together effectively to make us excel. Our goal isn’t to be the largest management company, but rather to be the very best at what we do. 


We ensure that all long term goals and objectives are met through effective communication with homeowners. Our investment in technology helps streamline the communication: we offer optional community websites with ticketing and tracking systems, provide events committee support, and host community-wide events for enhanced communication and participation.

Some of the Software Tools We Utilize


We utilize Help Scout to keep us in contact with our residents whenever they need us. This ticketing system helps our managers and accounting department process customer support inquiries, creating a streamlined communication experience for our homeowners.

Microsoft Office 365

Our company-wide migration to Office 365 helps facilitate real time collaboration and enhances productivity for every team member on The Melrose Corporation team.


We subscribe to services from MailChimp to streamline our email and mobile communications in the form of notices, memos, and updates to our clients. 

Advantages of a Melrose + Trilogy Orlando Partnership


A partnership with Melrose is a partnership with an entire team of professionals committed to one goal — serving your community. Our back office support team and full service accounting department work with the Trilogy Orlando lifestyle teams to provide continuous support. You will also receive additional support from our marketing department, Lifestyle Director, and our Executive Leadership Team.


Every community is unique, which is why we don't believe in big-box Lifestyle management solutions. We will tailor our Lifestyle services to your needs, ensuring the Board's vision for the community is fully realized. Our flexibility allows us to easily adapt to community needs.

  The Key To Our Success

“We have been successful for more than 27 years because we take the time to nurture each community and build a partnership with both the client and the residents.”

Jack B. Hanson, Late Founder

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Melrose Corporation

Trilogy Orlando & Melrose Lifestyle Services

We Look Forward to a Successful Partnership!