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The security company is Gardaworld (formally CIS).  They can be reached at  727-444-4465 or 813-221-1911.

CIS Client Letter

▪ Mail a check or money order payable to Trinity Community Master Assoc., HOA Inc. and include your account number or property address. The mailing address to send payment is:

PO Box 628207                                                                        or                                                1600 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32862                                                                                                                      Orlando, Florida 32804

▪ Use your own personal banking or bill paying service (if available through your bank):

Payee – Trinity Community Master Assoc., HOA Inc.

Account Number:
PO Box 628207 Orlando, FL 32862-8207
For assistance contact your bank.

▪ Truist Online Payment offers credit card or free eCheck payments. Please follow these steps:


In the “Pay Your HOA Dues Here” box, click “Pay Now”
Enter the following (also found in your coupon book):

Bill Pay Number:

Serial Number and Unit Number:

For assistance contact (888)722-6669

Melrose does not accept payments over the phone.

*Melrose Corporation does not have access to your banking information. To make any changes you must use the contact numbers above. To request a current account balance or statement, please email

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