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▪ Mail a check or money order payable to Trinity Community Master Assoc., HOA Inc. and include your account number or property address. The mailing address to send payment is:

PO Box 628207                                                                        or                                                1600 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32862                                                                                                                      Orlando, Florida 32804

▪ Use your own personal banking or bill paying service (if available through your bank):

Payee – Trinity Community Master Assoc., HOA Inc.

Account Number:
PO Box 628207 Orlando, FL 32862-8207
For assistance contact your bank.

▪ Truist Online Payment offers credit card or free eCheck payments. Please follow these steps:


In the “Pay Your HOA Dues Here” box, click “Pay Now”
Enter the following (also found in your coupon book):

Bill Pay Number:

Serial Number and Unit Number:

For assistance contact (888)722-6669

Melrose does not accept payments over the phone.

*Melrose Corporation does not have access to your banking information. To make any changes you must use the contact numbers above. To request a current account balance or statement, please email

At a Trinity Master Board meeting on August 30th, 2022, multiple sub association Board Presidents were asked to attend to discuss the current contract and the effectiveness of the contract, for the membership. The Master Board took comments from many sub Association Board Presidents in attendance and all were unanimous that the current Garda World contract was a waste of Association operating budget, in its current form.

The Master Board did consider multiple other security service contract providers, but under the advisement of legal counsel: “the contracts do not carry enough liability insurance or include a hold harmless inclusion clause to insulate the Association from harm.”  With those options available to the Master board, they unanimously voted to cancel the current security contract.

The Board is working with the subs to find possible alternative solutions, but the contract is canceled as of October 1st, 2022.  The money originally allocated for this contract was directly re-allocated in the upcoming 2023 budget to offset the shortfall in the current Association’s reserves.  This budgetary move served to fill a much needed shortfall, as well provide for only a minor expected increase of assessments in 2023.