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 We personalize our services with one goal in mind: to help your community achieve excellence.

Valencia Lakes
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25 Years of Excellence

Founded in 1992, Melrose provides professional on-site and portfolio management in some of Florida's most desirable neighborhoods. We pride ourselves on having solid insight into the needs and concerns of each individual account we serve.

Board Services

Our dedication to efficient and open communication with our clients is evident through our personalized approach to Board of Director relations. We act as your liaison for all Homeowner and community related matters.

Vibrant & Healthy Lifestyles

Our expert Lifestyle Managers will work closely with you to implement exciting events and activities for Valencia Lakes residents. We are committed to enhancing quality of life and promoting community bonds within each of the Associations we manage.

  What Our Lifestyle Services Offer

Lifestyle Programming

Our vast array of services will add to the desirability of your community. We offer a complete selection of events & activities — from Wine Tastings, Holiday Events, and Senior Olympics to Bike Club and Book Club.

 A Tailored Approach Created For You

Through a collaborative effort, we have the ability to scale our services to meet your budgetary needs and to tailor the programming to meet the needs of the community throughout the entire year.

Creating a Sense of Community

Our flexible services combined with the skills of our dedicated Lifestyle Managers allow us to implement programs that encourage participation amongst your residents and the Valencia Lakes community as a whole.

 Our Management Style

  • Experience the Melrose Difference
  • Our Best Practices Fine Tuned
  •   Proactive Approach
  • Accounting is Our Forte

Our Accounting Department will work in conjunction with the Board to ensure that your fiscal responsibilities are in order. Our transparent approach to accounting was designed to release the Board from day-to-day accounting responsibilities while still allowing you to oversee your community's financials.

What We Offer

Board Resources

We work with your Board of Directors in all aspects of community management. Our managers, and furthermore the rest of our supporting team, act as the facilitator in helping your Board achieve the goals you have envisioned for the community. We execute on your objectives and provide advice and recommendations to help your community thrive.

Our Executive Team

Teamwork is vital to our company’s success.  Our executive team is comprised of professionals with a combination of experiences and a vast array of strengths that work together effectively to make us excel. Our goal isn’t to be the largest management company, but rather to be the very best at what we do. 


We ensure all long term goals and objectives are met through effective communication with homeowners. Our investment in technology helps streamline the communication: we offer dedicated community websites with ticketing and tracking systems, provide Board educational support, and host Town Hall meetings for enhanced communication.

Advantages of a Melrose + Valencia Lakes Partnership


A partnership with Melrose is a partnership with an entire team of professionals committed to one goal — serving your community. Our back office support team and full service accounting department work with the Valencia Lakes management and lifestyle teams to provide continuous support. Valencia Lakes will also receive support from our marketing department, Regional Manager, Vice-President, Katherine Montgomery, and President, Jack Hanson.


Residents and guests will be eager to share their experiences at Valencia Lakes with friends and family members. Our Lifestyle Services team works hard to create this positive word-of-mouth reputation!


We will work with your Board and committees to create a lifestyle program that fits the unique needs of your membership. This program will draw residents to the events while staying within your budget.

RFI Questions

1. Do you have expertise in Lifestyle Management?

Yes, Melrose Lifestyle Services specializes in designing customized Lifestyle and amenity management programs for communities throughout Florida.

2. How many HOAs do you currently have as clients?

While our sister company, The Melrose Management Partnership, manages approximately 150 Associations, Melrose Lifestyle Services currently works with a select group of 11 clients and communities.

3. How large is your largest client in terms of assets, revenue and units? How long have they been a client?

Our largest in terms of assets is Grand Hampton in Wesley Chapel, FL. They have been our client for over 11 years.

Our largest in terms of revenue, due to their widely popular Concert Series, is Kings Gate in Port Charlotte, FL. They have been our client for over 12 years.

Our largest in terms of units is Live Oak Preserve in Tampa, FL which has just over 1,600 homes. They have been our client for over 3 years.

4. How many of your employees require certifications? Which certifications?

All of our employees have basic first aid and CPR training. We also require additional certifications depending on positions. These range from exercise instructors being certified for the specific classes they teach to more specialized employees being certified by the Florida Recreation and Parks Association or the Florida Festivals and Events Association.

Additionally, we have several employees with Licensed Community Association Manager (LCAM) licenses who serve in hybrid roles as HOA/Lifestyle Managers.

5. How would you assign individuals to our account?

We would have a dedicated, Full Time Clubhouse Manager specifically assigned to Valencia Lakes. Additionally, Valencia Lakes will receive support from the following:

President of Melrose Lifestyle Services

Vice President of Melrose Lifestyle Services

Director of Melrose Lifestyle Services

Melrose Lifestyle Services Accounting Manager

Melrose Lifestyle Services Human Resource Manager

Melrose Lifestyle Services Marketing Department

6. How often do you normally meet with a community Lifestyle Committee?

This varies by board and by community. However, in all of our communities, we meet at the least once per month.

7. Given the size of our community, how many individuals would you anticipate being on site during clubhouse hours? Current clubhouse hours are 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM daily. Sunday 12 noon to 11 PM. How many hours would you anticipate staff would be on the premise given building hours?

We anticipate the Clubhouse Manager, Asst. Clubhouse Manager, Bistro Manager, Lifestyle manager and other necessary hourly staff to be on site. We would be able to provide a more accurate staffing estimate after a site visit is conducted.

8. Do you provide a short-term and long-term planning calendar?

Yes, we provide both short-term and long-term planning. We would develop a monthly activities calendar. In addition, we create a yearly plan for activities so we can anticipate any upcoming larger, seasonal, and special events for logistical and budgeting purposes.

9. How do you publicize events?

We use a variety of channels to advertise events. For example, our Marketing Department creates flyers for special events. These are then featured in a printed newsletter, in email blasts, on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) as well as through word of mouth and on site throughout the community.

10. How do you interface with a Property Management Firm?

We have experience working with our sister company as well as other HOA management and CDD management companies. Our goal is always to develop a partnership that serves to provide the maximum benefit to your community.

11. Do you offer any publications or training for our Lifestyle Committee and Board of Directors?

Yes, we can provide a wide variety of continuing education and materials for both Lifestyle Committee members and for the Board of Directors.

12. What additional subject matter experts can you offer the Association?

Our President/Founder, Jack Hanson, is a nationally recognized HOA expert who is also a best-selling author, featured Huffington Post Blogger on HOA topics, and has been a speaker at the CAI National Conference. He brings over 30 years of relevant industry experience.

Our Director of Lifestyle Services, Bill Fife, is a certified Parks and Recreation professional as well as an LCAM. He is an annual speaker at the Florida Festival and Events Association Conference. He brings over 15 years of relevant industry experience.

13. How will you assist the newly elected Board of Directors with transition?

We will design a customized transition plan that, after Board approval, will ensure a seamless conversion without a drop in quality, service, and Lifestyle operations.

  The Key To Our Success

“We have been successful for more than 25 years because we take the time to nurture each community and build a partnership with both the Board and the residents.”

Jack B. Hanson, President

The Melrose Management Partnership

Valencia Lakes & Melrose

We Look Forward to a Successful Partnership!