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Slide ADDING VALUE THROUGH TEAMWORK Teamwork is vital to the success of The Melrose Corporation. We carefully choose team members who exemplify our brand’s core values. This creates an office environment that is high in collaboration and communication which further maximizes the results produced for our clients. Placing this focus on people is essential in building lasting value and long term success for everyone.


Jack B. Hanson
Late Founder and CEO
Jack Hanson is remembered as a successful entrepreneur and CEO of The Melrose Corporation, where he provided professional management services to hundreds of Community Associations throughout the state of Florida for over 25 years and secured his place as a thought leader in the industry. His success in entrepreneurship and within the community management domain made him a sought-after mentor for those aspiring to attain both personal and professional success. A graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Jack also held an MBA from the University of Florida as well as the designation of Licensed Community Association Manager from the State of Florida. Jack was a blogger for the Huffington Post and his series, HOAs Gone Haywire, was nationally recognized for helping Boards, Managers, and Homeowners avoid common pitfalls in the management of their communities.
William Powers
William Powers joined The Melrose Corporation in 2003 as the Corporate Accounting Manager and now oversees the operations of The Melrose Corporation and its affiliated entities as its President. At the heart of any management or lifestyle program is fiscal responsibility and no one knows this better than William. His 16 years with The Melrose Corporation have provided him with the skills necessary for the efficient management and timely accountability of your community's affairs. William attended Florida State University.
Michelle Bibeau
Director of Community Management Services
Michelle Bibeau, LCAM, has been with The Melrose Management Partnership over 20 years. She has a broad knowledge of newly developed Associations and a refreshing, hands-on style of management when working with both developer and homeowner controlled boards. Michelle encourages the management team to set high standards in each community we work with by consistently raising the bar and exceeding expectations. As our longest-term employee, she assists in all aspects of management, from preparation of budgets and cash flow projections to handling annual meetings and turnovers.
Mellita Kennedy
Association Controller
Mellita Kennedy oversees all accounting and financial reporting for the Associations managed by the organization. Mellita brings over 21 years of accounting experience to The Melrose Corporation and has been a member of the Construction Financial Management Association since 1999. Whether it's preparing monthly financials, creating annual budgets, or simply working with Boards and Treasurers to ensure optimal accounting of a community's finances, Mellita is instrumental in the financial success of all our Associations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration — Accounting from the University of South Carolina.
Savannah Hanson
Marketing Manager
Savannah Hanson is an experienced writer and social media marketer. She serves as the Marketing Manager for The Melrose Corporation, where she enjoys crafting custom content and branded materials for the company and its subsidiaries. In 2015, she graduated from The University of Florida where she wrote for various online publications and earned degrees in Advertising and Communication Studies. She joined the Melrose team shortly thereafter, and now uses her skills to build brand awareness and to focus on future growth of The Melrose Corporation as a whole.